Victoria Wolff, Corvallis cello teacher and cellist Victoria Wolff, Corvallis cello teacher and cellist

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Victoria Wolff is one of the most qualified and gifted cellists in Corvallis. Victoria Wolff is the best cello teacher Corvallis. Her cello teaching experience in Corvallis goes back years, and she is a wonderful cello teacher. She has taught the cello with University of Texas String Project and currently has a wonderful private studio full of gifted cello students. Victoria's cello teaching began with her legacy passed down from the greats, from Yoyo Ma to Harvey Shapiro to the world-renowned pedagogue, Phyllis Young. Cello teacher Corvallis, Oregon. Victoria is one of the most excellent teachers in Corvallis now because she is finishing up her doctoral degree at the University of Texas at Austin and has taught in the student/teacher program there. She has taught the cello in France as teaching assistant to Phyllis Young and has given workshops and Masterclasses all over the world. Victoria is such a fine cello teacher because she embraces all levels and all stages of musical ambition. She has students that have gone on to make careers from playing the cello and students that are adult beginners who want to play for fun. Victoria is a compassionate cello teacher and she understands that music should be a fun and fulfilling endeavor and that hard work is always rewarded. Cello teaching in Corvallis is especially gratifying because there are so many musical venues that Victoria participates in, and Corvallis is a great city for music teachers. Corvallis, OR cello teacher. Victoria is a wonderful cello teacher with many qualities that enable her to be a fun and yet serious cello teacher. Her teaching includes many elements of discipline yet also chamber music and Suzuki elements. She teaches music theory as well and can give anybody cello lessons that include the need to learn to read music. Victoria's cello teaching abilities include teaching scales, etudes, songs and pieces. She knows that cello teaching is more than teaching cello, but teaching discipline, honor and passion for what one does. Victoria's teaching method includes the striving to be the best cellist and person that anyone can be. Victoria is a cool cello teacher as well, being able to identify with children and make them feel open and honest. Cello instructor in Corvallis. As a responsible cello teacher Victoria knows that parents entrust their most precious possessions to her care and she honors that trust. Teaching cello is the most rewarding profession Victoria can ask for in this life and knows that teaching cello will contribute all that is meaningful in her life. Also a person of faith, Victoria's cello teaching includes the dimension of being accountable to God being full of integrity and honesty in her cello teaching. Corvallis cello teaching in Central Oregon. In Corvallis Victoria's cello experience goes back many years and her teaching has resulted in one of her students attending The New England Conservatory in Boston. She has participated in TMEA and has played in the symphony many times. Victoria is a young and vibrant cello teacher in Corvallis and hopes to be an even better cello teacher over the years to come as she raises a family and pursues perfection in cello teaching. Cello instructor Corvallis.